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Healthy Living

Anxiety Free Dental
  for dental anxiety
Complete Relaxation
  for anxiety and panic attacks
Cut Your Losses
  control gambling
Deep Sleep
  for insomnia
Enjoying Life
  increase self esteem
Healing Hypnosis Vol. 1
  relieve psoriasis and eczema
Healing Hypnosis Vol. 2
  for health and wellbeing
Healing Hypnosis Vol. 3
  relieve IBS
Looking Good
  lose weight and keep the gains
Managing Pain
  hypnosis for chronic pain
Smoke Free
  quit smoking in 7 days
Solutions For Life
  increase confidence
Stress Free
  reduce stress and feel calm
Taking Control
  control your alcohol intake

Successful Work & Sport

A+ Results
  for memory and exams
Creative Writing
  release creativity
Go For It
  for motivation and success
Playing To Win
  improve your tennis
Playing Tennis To Win
  improve your tennis
Playing Golf To Win
  improve your golf
Speak Out
  be confident in public

Personal Growth

Deep Trance
  learn deep relaxation
Inner Journey
  develop inner calm
Looking Forward
  hypnosis for managing change
Moving On
  recover from broken relationships
Rewriting The Script
  change unwanted habits
Search Within
  Visualisation for change

Hypnosis CDs for Children

I'm OK for Boys
  for boys ages 11 - 16
I'm OK for Girls
  for girls ages 11 - 16
The Time Traveller
  for boys aged 7 - 11
The Dolphin
  for girls aged 7 - 11

 Featured Program 

Smoke Free - Hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis CDs to quit smoking

Use this proven program to stop smoking permanently and painlessly in 7 days

Fellow Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Member National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis CD | Brisbane


Whether you want to improve a habit, achieve weight loss, reach your potential or just learn to relax, I invite you to choose a hypnotherapy program and begin the process of changing your life by changing your mind. I am available to answer any questions before or after your purchase of our safe hypnotic products, so you can make the changes you want securely and knowing that through email and the member's area of site, you will have all of the support you need.

If you want to make real decision, lasting change, these professional, state of the art hypnosis audio CDs and MP3s will guide you achieve exactly that.

Using insightful, gentle Ericksonian hypnotherapy coupled with the power of your mind you will make the positive changes you want. These products are very different from most hypnosis CDs and programs available,  most CD packs contain two CDs with three hypnosis tracks and all Trancesolutions hypnotherapy, & hypnosis weight loss programs are supplied with worksheets so you can make the most of self hypnosis. We will also provide email support should you need it. See Hypnosis CD MP3 for more details.


Hypnotherapy Clinic | Hypnotherapist
New Farm Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy Brisbane, HypnosisFor information about New Farm Hypnotherapy clinic and how our hypnotherapist can assist you click on the link below or email us.

For information about losing weight with VGB, see Virtual Gastric Banding. This innovative weight loss solution is now available at New Farm Hypnotherapy from our qualified Hypnotherapists. See video testimonials, information and book an appointment with our hypnotherapists here.
(See Gastric Band Therapy)

New Farm Hypnotherapy (Hypnotherapist)
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iTunes hypnosis musicIf you have purchased a Trancesolutions hypnosis program from iTunes or a store, download your manual here.

All manuals for hypnosis therapies or self hypnosis available on iTunes can be downloaded from this site.

Click here to go to the members section and select the one you have purchased to access your downloads.

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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program

 hypnoband hypnobanding

Chances are you're reading this because you're looking for information about self-help, or self hypnosis (hypnotism). You may even have identified something that you want to do better. We can help you do that, it's what we do.

In our busy clinical hypnotherapy practice, we support people make good habits, get motivated, reduce anxiety, live healthy lifestyles and achieve their goals. You will find information about hypnosis and making positive personal change on our CD and information pages, I encourage you to take the time to begin making the changes you need.

Over the past 10 years, these proven hypnotherapy self-help CDs and hypnosis tapes have helped 1000's of people just like you to make positive changes - we aim to help you find real solutions for the real world, this is real therapy for real people. The self-help or self hypnosis CD, together with the workbooks provided will help you as they have helped others - you have my word on it. With email support, and access to the members area  of this site, you will have all the help you need.Smoke Free: Quit Smoking Permanently and Painlessly in 7 Days

Our featured program is Smoke Free - quit smoking in just 7 days. This proven program has helped 1000's of people stop smoking permanently and painlessly.

As used in our busy clinical practice, but optimised for home use, you will benefit from these hypnotherapy CDs. They are produced using the very latest recording technologies and take advantage of advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques.  These are not just CDs but programs for change.

At Trancesolutions, we are so confident that you will benefit from these therapies that we guarantee your satisfaction. If the CDs don't meet your expectation in self hypnosis in any way, we'll refund your money, no fuss, no bother and no questions asked - I personally guarantee it.

Our clients have positive outcomes in reducing anxiety, managing stress, stopping smoking, restoring healthy sleep patterns, managing pain, controlling psoriasis, sales motivation, study habits, public speaking, weight loss and many other important areas of their lives. Read what just a few of these clients from around the world say about our hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists. See Hypnotic Program Testimonials

Using these hypnosis tapes or CDs, you can easily and quickly:

For a full list of available CDs, see Hypnosis CD, or click on the menu links on the left of this page. Call our hypnotherapists now for enquiries.

Antoine Matarasso
Clinical Hypnotherapist
President Emeritus Australian Hypnotherapists Association

President Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

PS. We ship to Australia and worldwide and have satisfied clients from New Zealand, the UK, Europe, China, the USA, India, Malaysia, Sweden, Indonesia, Hong Kong, France, Greece, Malta, South Africa and Canada. Shipping is next day to Australian locations and airmail to the rest of the world. All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.



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Many of our programs are now available on iTunes including:
Taking Control Looking Good A+ Results
Deep Sleep Playing Golf To
  Playing Tennis To Win  
Speak Out Solutions For Life   Rewriting The Script  
Enjoying Life Smoke Free   Go For It
Moving On   The Time Traveller   I'm OK for Boys  
I'm OK for Girls   The Dolphin   Complete Relaxation