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Frequently Asked Questions About Trancesolutions Hypnosis Programs

Trancesolutions specialises in providing hypnotherapy CD programs of the highest quality and therapeutic benefit. All are professionally recorded using advanced digital technology and are prepared by therapists with many years of practical experience. We continually update our audio programs to ensure that we provide our clients with the best hypnosis audio available.


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  1. Are all hypnosis programs the same?

No, they are not.

These hypnosis programs are very different from most currently available, we don't use gimmicks but firmly base what we do on up to date clinical practice. Many other hypnosis programs available on the internet contain one 20-30 minute therapeutic track either on CD or MP3 download. We take a different approach by structuring what we do on our clinical work. We want you to successfully make the changes you need and for these changes to be long lasting and beneficial.

Most Trancesolutions programs are made up of two CDs, a workbook, email support and access to the Trancesolutions members area:

The first CD in your program contains:

  • an introduction to the hypnotherapy;

  • a self-hypnosis training track - this serves the purpose of helping you become accustomed to hypnosis so you can make the most of the program you have purchased;

  • a therapeutic hypnosis track which changes your focus and your helps you to think positively.

The second CD comprises:

  • an introduction to your specific program;

  • one or two therapeutic hypnosis tracks specific to the changes you want to make.

The workbook is designed to help you to think about the change you are making and why you are are making it. It will also encourage you to begin to imagine what your life will be like once the changes are a part of your everyday life and will keep you "on track" as you use the hypnosis CDs.

The Trancesolutions Members Area provides further resources relevant to the program you have chosen. For example, the members page for A+ Results contains information about how to enhance your study skills and the Deep Sleep page provides practical tips on overcoming insomnia.

The therapists will also provide email support should you need it.

We have tried to make the programs as comprehensive as therapy would be were you to visit the clinic. The programs are not just hypnosis CDs, but programs for change and wellbeing and very different from much of the material available over the internet or even in stores.

These hypnosis CDs are designed to help you make the changes you want to make, as easily as possible in the comfort of your home. They are similar to those given to clients who visit our clinic, but have been optimised for you to derive the maximum benefit at home. 

Many of our programs are available through the iTunes store and manuals for these programs can be downloaded from the Members Area.

Using the audio programs is a safe, natural way by which you can change your thought processes and learned behaviour. The recordings combine relaxing music with suggestions for change and growth.

  1. How do the programs work?

When using the hypnotherapy programs you will be guided into a complete state of mental and physical relaxation using proven clinical hypnotherapy practices. The music backing to the programs is at 60 beats per minute which helps synchronise the left and right hemisphere of the brain and produces deep relaxation. The combination of suggestion and this level of brain wave activity creates a state of mind very receptive to learning and change.

Once in this receptive state, you are given suggestions which will reinforce the changes you want to make and the creative part of your mind, the subconscious will absorb these changes at a very deep level.

It is important to remember that you are in full control of the whole process, if at any time you wanted to stop you could simply open your eyes a be fully awake and alert.
At the end of the program you will be brought back into full awareness by suggestion and often a change in the music. (Note: Track (4) on the Deep Sleep program does not awaken you as it is designed to be used as you go to sleep).

  1. How will the hypnosis CDs help me?

The CDs are designed to help you in three ways:

  • Your attention is shifted from what you do not want to what you do want.

  • Relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques are used to enable you to enter a state of self-hypnosis and relaxation. 

  • Visualization and imaging techniques are used, combined with suggestions of health and well-being. These stimulate and release your own body's natural creative mechanisms and allow you to access whatever subconscious processes you need, allowing you to make the changes you have in mind.

  1. How should I use Trancesolutions hypnotherapy programs?

Full instructions and a workbook are sent out with all programs. However if you have more than one program it is best to use them one at a time unless the issues addressed are closely related. For example, using Looking Good (weight control), and Enjoying Life (self-esteem) together would be fine whereas using Looking Good with Smoke Free (quitting smoking) may not be as useful as the techniques used and goals being achieved are different. If you need help with this, email us at info@trancesolutions.com and we'll be happy to advise you.

  1. How long should I use the CDs?

This depends largely on you are how you feel you are benefiting. All programs come with a listening schedule which you should follow in the beginning. After that use them as often as you feel you want to. Many clients continue to use a CD a couple of times a week simply because they feel so much better for taking some time out to relax.

  1. Do you guarantee your products?

Absolutely and unconditionally.

Any product you order from us is subject to our 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Simply return the product undamaged within 30 days, and we will happily refund the purchase price - no fuss, no questions asked.



Did you know that...

The quality and efficiency of hypnosis programs is dependent on the person who created them. Trancesolutions programs are created by professional therapists with many years experience in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. We don't only produce hypnotherapy CD programs, we work everyday with clients from all walks of life helping them deal with issues such as anxiety, stress, work issues, and personal and health problems.