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Playing Golf To Win : Hypnosis CDs To Improve Your Golf

PLAYING GOLF TO WIN - improve your golf
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Double CD with workbook

Professional golfers know that the the game is won or lost in the mind rather than on the fairway or the green. Playing Golf To Win will train and equip you to be mentally prepared for every game.

You will harness the power of your subconscious mind and your muscle memory and play to your best - every time.

Lessons with a golf pro can show you what to do, Playing Golf To Win will show you how to do use your mind to achieve your potential. You will discover how to eliminate distractions and unhelpful habits and enjoy every game.

Using this program is like having a personal sports psychologist preparing you, the suggestions and techniques used in this program will ensure that you remain focused no matter how distracting your surroundings.

It has long been recognised that hypnotherapy can play an important part in mental preparation for sport, and these techniques have been successfully used by sports teams and individual competitors.

Playing Golf To Win comprises two CDs and a workbook:

  • Track 1 - explains hypnosis and the process of change

  • Track 2 - a hypnotherapy that trains you to drift quickly and safely into trance and teaches relaxation techniques

  • Track 3 - a hypnotherapy program to promote positive thinking

  • Track 4 - an introduction to Playing Golf To Win

  • Track 5 - a hypnotherapy program specifically developed to increase motivation and focus during a game

  • Track 6 - a hypnotherapy program which will help you improve your technique and deal with distractions and negative thinking about your game

Using Playing Golf To Win, you will notice rapid improvements in your game, your motivation and focus. You will be able to use whichever track is appropriate at a given time. You must to win in your mind before you can win on the course, and this is why so many sporting teams and successful competitors use hypnosis techniques as an integral part of their preparation.


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Playing Golf To Win  : hypnotherapy CDs to improve golf

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