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Smoke Free - Hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis CDs to quit smoking

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Hypnosis and Pain Management - A Short History

How hypnosis can help alleviate pain

Hypnosis has long been understood to produce varied effects in subjects, and many cultures have a history of using trance for therapeutic effect dating back to pre-historic times.

Although the public at large tends to associate hypnosis with stage performances, the medical community has begun to approach the topic in a different vein.

Originally viewed as a magical cure-all, hypnosis has undergone a tremendous amount of scientific testing in modern times. When used in an appropriate manner, hypnosis has proven itself to be an effective tool in the management and the perception of pain.

The modern history of hypnosis is generally accepted as having started with the work of Viennese physician, Friederich Anton Mesmer in the late 1700's. Mesmer's methods (Mesmerism) fell from favour until 1843 when British surgeon James Braid revisited the phenomenon of Mesmerism and renamed it hypnosis, after the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos.

Braid was the first person to attribute the phenomenon to psychological rather than physical variables. His findings renewed interest in the subject, especially in France, where hypnosis gained popularity again as a form of pain reduction during surgery.

In the late 1800's, Bernheim and Liebeault came upon hypnosis as a treatment for physical and functional diseases, after one of Berheim's patients attributed her effective sciatica cure to hypnotic imagery. Bernheim and Liebeault began the most comprehensive study of hypnosis at the time, attempting to determine when and how hypnosis could be successfully applied.

Once again, hypnosis lost favor to the effective new technological and medical advances of the period. Stronger emphasis was placed upon physical treatments for effective outcomes rather than psychological treatments (which was not an organized science at the time).

This attitude continues today, although since the 1950's there has been renewed interest in using hypnotic intervention for pain control. Modern diagnostic methods can prove substance to what has been subjectively accepted for centuries.

How hypnosis helps in pain control

Testimonials of clients who have used hypnosis to manage pain


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Managing Pain : hypnosis CDs to manage chronic pain

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