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Hypnosis and Public Speaking - What Our Clients Say

What our clients say about hypnotherapy CDs and public speaking

G'day Antoine,

Unsettled, uncomfortable but I gave the presentation. a week ago I would never have been able to do it, but today I went for it and I didn't let the nerves stop me. when I got up there I was still nervous and rushed a few parts, but it was nothing compared to my last experience. my voice didn't quiver too much and I even got a decent laugh out of the crowd.

Overall: I actually gave a presentation. now that you've got me up and talking I think the nerves, rushing my speech etc. will go away with practice. Thank you very much Antoine,



Dear Antoine

I gave a presentation this week. It went quite well!!!. I'm very happy that I wasn't feeling anxious or sick about it. I was feeling little bit nervous, but I was able to focus on the content of the presentation rather than worrying about it. I still had to read the speech most of time but it's quite understandable given that I only had very short time to prepare. I feel that I could improve my presentation skills further. However I'm sure that I will improve it with more practice and experience. 

Thanks Antoine... I no longer feel so anxious about giving a presentation any more!!
Kind regards




For overcoming anxiety in public speaking, use this hypnosis CD program:

Speak Out : hypnosis CDs for confident public speaking Hypnotherapy for public speaking anxiety CD

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