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Smoke Free 

Stop smoking permanently and painlessly  in 7 days. Join thousands of people who have quit using this proven method.
If you are a smoker, quitting is the single most important health decision you can make.

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Quitting Smoking and Hypnosis - What Our Clients Say (1)

What our clients say about hypnotherapy CDs and quitting smoking.

Dear Antoine,
I purchased your excellent program Smoke Free about four weeks ago. I am proud to inform you that neither myself or my husband had had a cigarette since and have experienced no cravings. I am so happy about this because I know now I will not be dying of some smoking related illness! I will be highly recommending you not only too my friends who are smokers, but also my friends who have problems with their weight.



Hi Antoine,

Just wanted to provide some feedback on the Smoke Free CDs that I purchased from you recently.
Both my wife & I have tried and failed to quit on a number of occasions... until we used your CD's and book to help us to quit, we are now into our third week and can't believe how easy it has been. 

We have recommended your website to many of our friends and work colleagues who have also had trouble quitting.
I have also sent a new order for "Enjoying Life" to hopefully deal with our busy lifestyle.
Once again I would like to thank you for helping us to quit smoking.



Hi Antoine

Three of us used Smoke Free and none of us have had a cigarette for months. The program was 100% successful even though we have faced stress and difficult situations, none of the family has thought about smoking. I can't thank you enough.



Dear Antoine

Just a quick note to thank you. I really enjoyed my very first hypnotherapy session and it's working like a treat, certainly compared to my husband who is going "cold turkey" and is SO irritable! I've told a few of my friends about you, you may be hearing from them.



Hi Antoine, How are you?

Just a short note to let you know that I'm going well with the "no smoking". Nearly 4 months now (feels like a lot longer). Made it through stress with the kids and the odd party... haven't been tempted, it actually does get easier!!!
Lots of new clothes in the wardrobe - and have even started at the gym. THANK YOU! I'll keep you posted.


Dear Antoine,

Thank you - I feel fabulous and today is my 8th day without a cigarette, so that is brilliant.
I was raving to everyone I know for a couple of days after that WICKED trance I had, I mean really, who needs artificial highs!!
Cheers and I'll keep you up to date on things.



Dear Glen,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful hypnotherapy. I have not had any tobacco since last seeing you and I have no desire - so, many thanks for that!! I still from time to time listen to your CD which is very relaxing and keep my mind on track.



I have been a smoker since the age of 10 and have tried numerous aids to kick the habit including patches and some years ago hypnotherapy. I became aware of irregular shortness of breath, coughing up blood and a general feeling of nausea, I wasn't in good shape. I decided to phone Glen Duffy and during our conversation was very impressed with his calm assurance and confidence. I made an appointment... since our meeting I have not smoked... I am confident that smoking, as a habit, will no longer be a part of my life. There have been moments that have put me to the test, but with the program, the outcome has always been positive. I would recommend a meeting, it will change your life. Thank you Glen.



To whom it may concern 

After 33 years of smoking, it really seemed time to say, enough is enough! There had been many previous attempts to give up over the years but with scant success. Nicotine gum, patches and cold turkey were all given a try but I remained addicted.

A few weeks ago, having decided I wanted to give up smoking I approached Antoine Matarasso at the New Farm Hypnotherapy clinic and was given the pre-quitting CD and Quit booklet.

I was immediately impressed with the booklet – it is full of good common sense and it really made me understand all facets of my addiction. The CD helped reinforce my decision.  

Quit Day arrived and it was time to say goodbye to my old friends! The hypnotherapy session was so calming and relaxing, it was almost disappointing when it was over! However I was given a second CD which produced a similar feeling when listened to.  

All that was three weeks ago and I cannot believe that it has been so easy to become an ex-smoker. There have been absolutely no withdrawal symptoms; I have not been snappy; I have not put on any weight and I have NOT missed my cigarettes.  

I feel a sense of pride in myself. I feel strong and in control – not controlled by my habit.  

What I thought would be impossible has been achieved. The program Antoine Matarasso has put together really worked for me – despite many, many years of very heavy smoking.  



To quit smoking in 7 days, use this hypnosis CD program:

Smoke Free : hypnosis CDs to quit smoking in 7 days Smoke Free : hypnosis CDs to quit smoking in 7 days