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Welcome to the Trancesolutions Members Area.

If you have purchased hypnosis audio programs from Trancesolutions, you have access to the materials and resources in this area of the web site.

This part of the web site is a "work in progress" and we are continually adding information relevant to specific programs as well as more generalised information that will help you make the best use of the program you have purchased.

I encourage you to bookmark the page related to your and visit regularly. You will find the pages informative an useful in your quest to self-development and improvement.

Kind regards

Antoine Matarasso


Please note the following :
  • Chose your program from the list below.

  • To download and / or  view the members material you will need the password which was provided with your CD pack. If you purchased your program from the web site, these with the CD pack supplied.
    If you bought your program from iTunes or a retail outlet, the username and password are located on the inner sleeve of the CD or in the case of a double CD pack, inside the DVD box.

  • Follow the links on the left to access the page relevant to the program you have purchased.
    Download any files / information you would like. This information is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format or Microsoft Word format. You will need one of these programs installed on your computer to access the documents.
    Use password supplied to open documents.

Program Title Purpose of Program
Hypnotherapy CDs for Health and Wellbeing
Anxiety Free Dental Fear of dentists and dental work
Complete Relaxation Reducing stress and generalised anxiety
Cut Your Losses Stopping gambling with poker machines
Deep Sleep Hypnosis for insomnia and sleep problems
Enjoying Life Self esteem / confidence for women
Healing Hypnosis (1) Relief form psoriasis and eczema
Healing Hypnosis (2) General healing and wellbeing
Healing Hypnosis (3) Relief from irritable bowel syndrome
Looking Good Easy, effective weight loss
Managing Pain Pain relief and management
Smoke Free Quit smoking in 7 days
Stress Free Reduce stress and anxiety
Solutions For Life Self confidence / esteem for men
Taking Control Controlling alcohol intake
Hypnotherapy CDs for Work and Sports
A+ Results Improving memory and exam performance
Creative Writing Improving creativity in writing
Go For It Hypnosis for motivation and focus
Playing To Win Hypnosis for motivation and focus in sport
Playing Golf To Win Motivation and focus to improve golf
Playing Tennis To Win Motivation and focus to improve tennis
Speak Out Public speaking and social anxieties
Hypnotherapy CDs for Personal Growth
Deep Trance Inducing deep relaxation
Inner Journey Stress relief and inner change
Looking Forward Sensible positive thinking
Moving On Getting over past issues
Rewriting The Script Changing unwanted habits
Search Within Visualization for inner change
Hypnotherapy CDs for Children
I'm OK for Boys Self confidence / esteem for boys (11-16yrs)
The Time Traveller Self confidence / esteem for boys (7-11 yrs)
I'm OK for Girls Self confidence / esteem for girls (11-16yrs)
The Dolphin Self confidence / esteem for girls (7-11 yrs)