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New Farm Hypnotherapy - The Looking Good Program


The healthiest way for you to lose weight is not necessarily the quickest weight loss method. Crash diets, "instant" weight loss plans or drastic increases in exercise are not recommended and most doctors consider these approaches to weight loss unhelpful or even dangerous. Exercise and a healthy diet are always recommended as part of a weight loss plan, but changes must be gradual ensuring that you find a very natural and safe way to lose weight.

Weight loss in context

A successful weight loss program will be one that is personalised, adaptable and fits into the context of everyday life.

Trancesolutions Looking Good program does not involve special diets, medications or gimmicks, it's just a healthy, natural weight loss option.

How the program works

Looking Good is a one-on-one program of 8 one hour sessions spanning 4 months. During this time you will:

  • Identify unhelpful habits
  • Gain complete control over these
  • Eat less while enjoying food more
  • Become drawn to food that you know is healthy and good for you
  • If appropriate use Hypno-band therapy
  • Reduce your alcohol intake if appropriate
  • Lose weight naturally without making unnecessary changes to your life
  • You will also become motivated to increase physical activity

We tailor the Looking Good program to individuals because everyone is different and loses weight differently. You will be given hypnosis CDs to use between sessions to reinforce each hypnosis session. By the time you have completed the program you'll be equipped with the knowledge you need to keep the gains for life.

Call or email us at clinic@trancesolutions.com or call us on 07 3254 1373 to make an appointment at New Farm Hypnotherapy.



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