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New Farm Hypnotherapy - The Smoke Free Program

Stopping smoking is one of the most common reasons clients visit New Farm Hypnotherapy Clinic as hypnotherapy has long been recognised as an effective way of quitting smoking.

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If you're like most smokers you've probably tried everything to stop; nicotine patches, Laser therapy, gum, willpower and maybe even Zyban or Champix. Yet nothing seems to have made any difference. It probably all seems too hard.

We have developed the Smoke Free, personalised quit smoking program developed for people just like you. Over the past 12 years Smoke Free has been instrumental in helping 1000's of smokers to quit - without cravings or weight gain, and with very little stress.

After completing the program, you will be healthier, fitter and feel better about yourself while at the same time saving a lot of money. And you can do this in just 4 hours. There is only one thing we ask, you must be serious about stopping smoking.

How the Smoke Free personalised quit smoking program works

Smoke Free is conducted over 2 sessions a week apart and comprises of three distinct stages;

  • Session 1 - Preparing to quit

  • Quit Week - The week in between sessions

  • Session 2 - Quit day and beyond

Session 1

The first half of session 1 is given to explaining the program - you will have an opportunity to decide whether Smoke Free is for you and to evaluate your own commitment to stopping smoking. You can do this with no obligation.

The rest of the session is given to :

  • learning about your smoking habit and preparing to quit;

  • understanding the 3 dependencies caused by smoking and how these apply to your habit;

  • designing a personal plan to remain smoke free for life;

  • preparing for your quit day though a personalised hypnosis session. You will also be given a hypnosis CD to reinforce what was achieved during this session and to prepare you to permanently stop smoking.

Quit Week

During Quit Week you'll;

  • continue to prepare to quit smoking;

  • you will undertake certain tasks and plan a "smoke-free future";

  • during this week you will use a hypnosis CD to prepare you to quit permanently.

Session 2

Session 2 is Quit Day, together we will evaluate your progress and you will complete the program;
this session involves a second hypnotherapy session after which you will leave the clinic not smoking.

Smoke Free program costs

The cost of the program is just $360.00. For an average smoker, buying a pack of cigarettes a day, Smoke Free will pay for itself in less than a month.

This includes, two personalised hypnotherapy sessions and two hypnosis CDs together with all of the support you need to make the transition and becoming a person who used to smoke.

Smoke Free has been developed over more than 10 years by experienced therapists specialising in this area. Many years of experience and 1000's of clients who have successfully quit smoking have shown that the way the program is structured in the most effective way of quitting smoking using hypnosis.

E-mail or call us on 07 3254 1373 to make an personal appointment to quit smoking today. This is the most important step you can take to improving your health and well-being.

Download information about Smoke Free

What clients say about Smoke Free

"Hi Antoine, Three of us used Smoke Free and none of us have had a cigarette for months. The program was 100% successful even though we have faced stress and difficult situations, none of the family has thought about smoking. I can't thank you enough." Diana



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