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Healthy Living

Anxiety Free Dental
  for dental anxiety
Complete Relaxation
  for anxiety and panic attacks
Cut Your Losses
  control gambling
Deep Sleep
  for insomnia
Enjoying Life
  increase self esteem
Healing Hypnosis Vol. 1
  relieve psoriasis and eczema
Healing Hypnosis Vol. 2
  for health and wellbeing
Healing Hypnosis Vol. 3
  relieve IBS
Looking Good
  lose weight and keep the gains
Managing Pain
  hypnosis for chronic pain
Smoke Free
  quit smoking in 7 days
Solutions For Life
  increase confidence
Stress Free
  reduce stress and feel calm
Taking Control
  control your alcohol intake

Successful Work & Sport

A+ Results
  for memory and exams
Creative Writing
  release creativity
Go For It
  for motivation and success
Playing To Win
  improve your tennis
Playing Tennis To Win
  improve your tennis
Playing Golf To Win
  improve your golf
Speak Out
  be confident in public

Personal Growth

Deep Trance
  learn deep relaxation
Inner Journey
  develop inner calm
Looking Forward
  hypnosis for managing change
Moving On
  recover from broken relationships
Rewriting The Script
  change unwanted habits
Search Within
  Visualisation for change

Hypnosis CDs for Children

I'm OK for Boys
  for boys ages 11 - 16
I'm OK for Girls
  for girls ages 11 - 16
The Time Traveller
  for boys aged 7 - 11
The Dolphin
  for girls aged 7 - 11

 Featured Program 

Smoke Free - Hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis CDs to quit smoking

Use this proven program to stop smoking permanently and painlessly in 7 days

Fellow Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Member National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia

Personalised Hypnotherapy CD Programs

Personalised self-help hypnotherapy programs from Trancesolutions.

Your therapist@home

Whilst we believe that these programs are the best available, it may be that you prefer or need a personalized hypnosis program. Trancesolutions is uniquely geared to rapidly provide professional hypnosis programs based on you personal needs.

Unlike most such programs available on the internet, these are not based on you filling in a "generic" answer and question form online, but rather on personal interaction between you and a therapist.

Your therapist@home - how the program works

When you decided on a personal program, you need to email us to begin the process. We will reply to your email within 24 hours and begin to discuss the details of issues that you want to address. We will do this by telephone or email. whichever you prefer. You will only be asked to provide information that you are comfortable in disclosing.

When we are both satisfied that we can design an effective program, we will write appropriate personalised scripts and programs.

The programs will be recorded in Brisbane's most professionally equipped recording studio, engineered and mastered by sound technicians experienced in producing world-class recordings and then quality checked by your therapist. 

The programs will be dispatched within 10 days or your order, airmail or overnight post. Included in the package you will receive will be :

  • One or two personalized hypnosis audio CD programs approximately 40 minutes in length each;
  • Comprehensive instructions for their use;
  • A CD or audiotape "trance training" program to ensure that before using the personal programs, you are familiar with hypnosis and the processes involved;
  • A personalized workbook with "homework" and exercises to ensure that you derive the maximum possible benefit from the programs;
  • Follow-up by email for as long as you need it.

The cost of these personalized therapist @ home programs start at just Au$349.00 (convert) depending on the number of programs you require. This compares very favourably with clinical sessions and enables you to have a personalized session of hypnosis whenever you need it.

To find out more or begin the process of ordering your personalized hypnosis audio programs through your therapist@home email us today: 

Email Tranesolutions for more information about personalised hypnosis programs


What our clients say about personalised programs

I want to say many thanks for the CDs, I am going great - they are SO WELL DONE. I'm feeling the best I have for years, thank you!" - JD




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